H.S. code for Import Commodity

List of H.S.Code:
Commodity: Rice in the husk (paddy or rough) wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg H.S.Code: 1006.10.10
Commodity: Rice in the husk (paddy or rough) Excl. wrapped/canned upto 2.5 kg H.S.Code: 1006.10.90
Commodity: Husked (Brown) Rice H.S.Code: 1006.20.00
Commodity: Semi-Milled or Wholly Milled Rice H.S.Code: 1006.30.00
Commodity: Broken Rice H.S.Code: 1006.40.00
Commodity: Barley Seed Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 Kg H.S.Code: 1003.10.10
Commodity: Barley Seed EXCL. Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 Kg H.S.Code: 1003.10.90
Commodity: Maize Seed, wrapped/canned upto 2.5 Kg H.S.Code: 1005.10.10
Commodity: Wheat Starch H.S.Code: 1108.11.00

Commodity: Potato Starch H.S.Code: 1108.13.00
Commodity: Refined Soya-Bean Oil H.S.Code: 1507.90.10
Commodity: Crude Coconut (Copra) Oil H.S.Code: 1513.11.00
Commodity: Butter H.S.Code: 0405.10.00
Commodity: Dairy Spreads H.S.Code: 0405.20.00
Commodity: Fats and Oils Derived from Milk [Excl. Butter and Dairy Spreads] H.S.Code: 0405.90.00
Commodity: Fresh (Un-ripened Or Un-cured) Cheese, Including Whey Cheese and Curd H.S.Code: 0406.10.00
Commodity: Grated or Powdered Cheese H.S.Code: 0406.20.00
Commodity: Processed Cheese, Not Grated Or Powdered H.S.Code: 0406.30.00
Commodity: Blue veined cheese and other cheese containing veins produced by Penicillium H.S.Code: 0406.40.00
Commodity: Cheese, Nes H.S.Code: 0406.90.00
Commodity: Birds Fertilized eggs for incubation of fowls of the species Gallous domestic H.S.Code: 0407.11.00
Commodity: Transformer Parts H.S.Code: 8504.90.10
Commodity: Formed core H.S.Code: 8504.90.20
Commodity: Nickel-metal hydride H.S.Code: 8507.50.00
Commodity: Lithium-ion H.S.Code: 8507.60.00
Commodity: Electric Accumulators, Separators (Excl. Lead-Acid, Nickel-Cadmium/Nickel-Iron) H.S.Code: 8507.80.00
Commodity: Parts of Electric Accumulators, Nes H.S.Code: 8507.90.90

Some useful abbreviations of H.S.code related of Bangladesh:
H.S.Code: Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.
VAT: Value Added Tax.
CD: Customs Duty (Import Duty)
SD: Supplementary Duty rate.
SI: SRO Indicator.
AIT: Advance Income Tax
ATV: Advance Trade VAT
AV: Assessable Value
TTI: Total Tax Incidence Rate.

C&F: Cost and Freight
CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight Value.
FOB: Free on Boat.
PSI: Pre-Shipment Inspection.
CRF: Clean Report on Findings (Issued by PSI Company)
PS: PSI Status: Indicates the commodity's Pre-Shipment Inspections is whither Mandatory or not.
SRO: Statutory Regulatory Order.
BCT: Bangladesh Customs Tariff
BIMSTEC: Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Co-operation.
NES: Not Elsewhere specified.
IPO: Import Policy Order.
GSTP: General System of Trade Preference Agreement.
GATT: General Agreement of Tariff and Trade.
MFN: Most Favored Nation (i.e. Applicable duty and tax rates).
SU: Statistical Unit. Measurement unit as in BCT.
SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
SAFTA: South Asian Free Trade Agreement.
SAPTA: SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement.

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