Bogra District
(বগুড়া জেলা)

Bogra is a district of Bangladesh. Road distance from Dhaka city to Bogra district is 229 Kilometres. Bogra is a part of the Rajshahi Division. Bogra district is bounded by Natore, Jaipurhat, Gaibandha, Sirajganj, Jamalpur and Naogaon district. Bogra district consists of 12 Upazilas (Bogra Sadar upazila, Gabtali upazila, Sariakandi upazila, Adamdighi upazila, Sonatala upazila, Sherpur upazila, Kahaloo upazila, Shibganj upazila, Dupchanchia upazila, Nandigram upazila, Sahajanpur upazila, Dhunat upazila), 11 Municipalities (Pourashava), 109 Union Parishad and 2706 Village.

List of upazilas in Bogra district
(বগুড়া জেলার উপজেলা সমূহঃ)

Some useful information of Bogra District:
District: Bogra
Bogra district Established in: 1983
Division: Rajshahi division
Area : 2898 Sq. Km.
Total Cultivable Land : 2,26,797 Hectors
Population : 30,13,056 (Approximately)
Density: per Sq. Km.
Number of voters: 21,72,835 (Upto 2009)
Number of Village: 2706
Number of Union Parishad: 109 (Union Parishad details of Bogra district: )
Literacy rate: 53%
Textile Engineering College:
Police Training Center:
Medical College: Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College, Bogra
Govt. College: 07
Non-government college: 76
Technical School and College:
Govt. High School: 05
Non-govt. High School: 350
Government Primary Schools: 961
Registered Primary Schools: 533
Polytechnic Institute:
Vocational Institute:
Bank :
Municipality(Pourashava) in Bogra District: 11 : Bogra Pourashava (Bogra Municipality);
Web Portal: Bogra District
Govt. Hospital:
Upazila Health Complex:

Union Land Office: 98
Health Center:
Major Crops: Boro Paddy(Rice), Aush Paddy(Rice), Aman Paddy(Rice), potato(alu), Jute(Golden Fibre of Bangladesh), Banana(Kola), wheat, pepper(Chili), Sugarcane(Aakh) and all kinds of Vegetables etc.
Major Fruits: Mango(Aam), Orange (Komola), Jackfruit, Banana, guava, papaya(Pepe), Pineapple(Anaros), Coconut(Narkel), Litchi(Lichu), date palm, Lemon(Lebu), Watermelon(Tormuj) etc.
Cinema Hall :
Major Rivers: Karatoa river, Ichamati river, Jamuna river, Nagar river, Bangali river, Nagor river, Halhalia river, Mahishaban river, Sukhdaha river, Dakuria river, Belai river, Vadoy/Vodroboti river, Chandraboti river, Gangnoy river, Manos river, Gojaria river etc.
Government Child Hospital :
Rubber Garden:
Hat / Bazar : 237
Post Office in Bogra:
Non-government Organization (NGO) :
Mosque (Mosjid) : 4102
Temple (Mandir) : 372
Cyclone Center : 36
Ideal Village: 54
Tourist Place: Mahasthangarh

Numbers of constituency: 7 (Abdul Mannan, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-1, (Constituency 36); A.K.M. Hafizur Rahman, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-2, (Constituency 37); Abdul Momin Talukder, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-3, (Constituency 38); Z.I.M. Mostofa Ali, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-4, (Constituency 39), Md. Habibar Rahman, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-5, (Constituency 40), Barrister Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-6, (Constituency 41), Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bogra-7, (Constituency 42).

Number of Upazila : 12 (Bogra Sadar upazila, Gabtali upazila, Sariakandi upazila, Adamdighi upazila, Sonatala upazila, Sherpur upazila, Kahaloo upazila, Shibganj upazila, Dupchanchia upazila, Nandigram upazila, Sahajanpur upazila, Dhunat upazila)

Postal code : Bogra Sadar post code: 5800, Shibganj post code: 5810, Gabtoli post code: 5820, Sukhanpukur post code: 5821, Sonatola post code: 5826, Sariakandi post code: 5830, Chandan Baisha post code: 5831, Sherpur post code: 5840, Chandaikona post code: 5841, Palli Unnyan Academy post code: 5842, Dhunat post code: 5850, Gosaibari post code: 5851, Nandigram post code: 5860, Kahalu post code: 5870, Dupchachia post code: 5880, Talora post code: 5881, Adamdighi post code: 5890, Santahar post code: 5891, Nasharatpur post code: 5892

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