Khulna District
খুলনা জেলা

Khulna is a district of Bangladesh. Road distance from Dhaka city to Khulna district is 335 Kilometers. It is one of the largest city in Bangladesh. Khulna district is a part of the Khulna Division. The metropolitan city of Khulna is in Khulna District. Khulna district is bounded by Bagerhat district on the east, satkhira district on the west, the Bay of Bengal on the south and Jessore and Narail districts on the north. Khulna district consists of 4 thanas (Khan Jahan Ali Thana, Daulatpur Thana, Sonadanga Thana, Khalishpur Thana) under Khulna City Corporation Area and 9 Upazilas, municipalities (Pourashava), 68 Union Parishads and 1106 villages. Thana and a upazila are listed below:

List of upazilas in Khulna district
খুলনা জেলার উপজেলা সমূহ :

List of Thanas in Khulna City Corporation
খুলনা সিটি করপোরেশনের থানা সমূহ :

Some useful information of Khulna City Corporation:
District: Khulna
Division: Khulna division
Area : 45.65 Sq. Km.
Population (2007 est) : 50,000 (Approximately)
Density: per km2.
No of wards: 31
Thana : 4 (Khan Jahan Ali Thana, Daulatpur Thana, Sonadanga Thana and Khalishpur Thana)

Some useful information of Khulna District:
District: Khulna
Established in: 1882
Division: division
Area : 4394.46 Sq. Km.
Population (2001) : 23,34,285 (Male: 51.87% ; Female: 48.13%)
Density: 537 per Sq. Km.
Literacy rate: 43.90%
Villages: 1106
Union Parishads: 68
Number of Voters: (Male Voter: , Female Voter: )
Primary school: 625
NGO School: 199
Community Primary School: 34
Registered Primary School: 79
Community Primary School:
Junior High School: 107

Govt. High School: 9 (Khulna Govt. Girls' High School, Khulna Govt. Railway Boys High School, Khulna Govt. Railway Girls High School, Govt. Coronation Secondary Girls' School, Govt. Laboratory High School, Khulna)
Non-Govt. High School: 248 (RangpurKalibati High School, Cantonment Public Secondary School, Damoder M.M. High School, Daulatpur Muhashin Girls School, H.R.H. Princh Agakhan High School, Khulna Govt. Railway Boys High School, Phulbari High school, Port Moshialy Secondary School, Rupsha high school, St. Joseph's High School, Khulna)
Collegiate High School: (Khulna Collegiate School, Military Collegiate School)

Govt. College: 5 (Khulna Govt. Majid Memorial City College, Khulna Govt. Girls' College, Khulna Gov. Sundarban College)
Non-Govt. College: 42 (B.L College, Daulatpur, Khulna Public College, Shahid Suhrawardy College, Khan Jahan Ali Ideal College, Rayermohal College, B. N. College, Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College, Haji Mohammad Muhashin College, Cantonment Public School and College, rupsha collage, Khulna)
Medical College: 1 (Khulna Medical College (K.M.C.)
Homoeo Medical College: 1
Polytechnic College: 1
Teachers Training College: 1

University: (Khulna University, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology(KUET), Northern University Bangladesh, Darul Ihsan University, America Bangladesh University, Asian University of Bangladesh)
Madrasah: 205
Technical Training Center:
Teacher's Training Center:
Medical College & Hospital: 1
District Sadar Hospital: 1
Railway Hospital: 1
Police Hospital: 1
Public Library: 5
Cinema Hall: 21
Upazila Health Complex: 9
TB Clinic:
Private Hospital (Clinic):
Union Health & Family Planning Center:
Upazila Land office: 9
Union Parishad Land office:
Cyclone Center:
Masjid (Mosque): 1500
Mandir (Temple): 646
Hat / Bazar : 198
Numbers of constituency: (Nani Gopal Mondal, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-1 (Constituency 99); Nazrul Islam Monju, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-2 (Constituency 100); Begum Monnuzan Sufian, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-3 (Constituency 101); Molla Jalal Uddin, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-4 (Constituency 102); Narayon Chandra Chanda, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-5 (Constituency 103); Md. Sohrab Ali Sana, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Khulna-6 (Constituency 104)

Municipality in Khulna District: (Khulna City Corporation Khulna City Corporation), Khulna; Paikgacha Pourashava (Paikgacha Municipality), Khulna

Web Portal: Khulna District

Upazila : 9 (Batiaghata Upazila, Dacope Upazila, Phultala Upazila, Dighalia Upazila, Koyra Upazila, Terokhada Upazila, Dumuria Upazila, Rupsa Upazila, Paikgachha Upazila)

Postal code : 9000 (Khulna Khulna G.P.O post code: 9000, Khula Sadar post code: 9100, Khulna Shipyard post code: 9201,
Doulatpur post code: 9202, BIT Khulna post code: 9203, Siramani post code: 9204, Jahanabad Canttonmen post code: 9205,
Sonali Jute Mills post code: 9206, Atra Shilpa Area post code: 9207, Khulna University post code: 9208, Phultala post code: 9210,
Digalia post code: 9220, Chandni Mahal post code: 9221, Senhati post code: 9222, Ghoshghati post code: 9223, Gazirhat post code: 9224,
Terakhada post code: 9230, Pak Barasat post code: 9231, Sajiara post code: 9250, Ghonabanda post code: 9251, Chuknagar post code: 9252,
Shahapur post code: 9253, Paikgachha post code: 9280, Godaipur post code: 9281, Kapilmoni post code: 9282, Katipara post code: 9283,
Chandkhali post code: 9284, Garaikhali post code: 9285, Madinabad post code: 9290, Amadee post code: 9291)

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