List of Government Colleges of Bangladesh

A government college is an educational institution run under the supervision of the government. Government college teachers are appointed through the Ministry of Education of the Government. The education system is governed by specific rules and regulations through state statutes. Government college tuition fees and other matters are issued by the government from time to time. Government colleges can be of different types depending on the need and type. Teachers in government colleges are paid allowances by the government. The environment, education system, hostels and everything else in government colleges are slightly different from private colleges. The curriculum of government colleges is determined according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education.

List of Govt. Colleges in Dhaka

Dhaka College, Newmarket, Dhaka.

Govt. Titumir College, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Begum Badrunnesa Govt. Girls' College, Bakshibazar, Dhaka-1211.

Home Economics College, Azimpur, Dhaka

Govt. Bangla College , Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

Govt. Music College, Dhaka.
Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi college , Sutrapur thana, Dhaka

Kabi Nazrul Govt. College Sutrapur thana, Dhaka

Government Science college , Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka city

Eden Women's University College, Dhaka

Dhamrai Govt. College, Dhamrai upazila, Dhaka.

List of Govt. Colleges in Gazipur district:

Tongi Govt. College, Gazipur

Gazipur Govt Mohila College, Gazipur

Bhawl Badre Alam Govt. College, Gazipur

Gazipur Govt. Technical School & College Gazipur

List of Govt. Colleges in Narayanganj district:

Govt. Tolaram College, Narayanganj

Govt. Safar Ali College, Narayanganj

Govt Adamjee Nagar M.W. College, Narayanganj

Narayangonj Govt. Mohila College, Narayanganj

List of Govt. Colleges in Chittagong district:

Chittagong College, Chittagong

Govt. Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, Chittagong

Govt. Commerce College, Chittagong

Govt. City College, Chittagong

Chittagong Govt. Women's College, Chittagong

Patiya Govt. College, Chittagong

Sir Ashutosh Govt. College, Chittagong

Chittagong Govt. Teachers' Training College, Chittagong

List of Govt. Colleges in Noakhali district:

Noakhali Government College , Maijdee court, Noakhali Sadar , Noakhali

Noakhali Govt. Mohila College, Bangladesh

Chaumuhuni Govt. S.A. College, Begumganj, Noakhali

Textile Engineering College , Begumganj, Noakhali

Govt. Mujib College, Companiganj(Basurhat), Noakhali

Chatkhil Panchgaon Mahbub Govt. College, Chatkhil, Noakhali

Sebnag Govt. College, Noakhali

Hatiya Dwip Govt. College, Noakhali

Kabirhat Govt. College, Noakhali

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