Gazipur District
গাজীপুর জেলা

Gazipur District is a located in central Bangladesh and near the Dhaka city. Gazipur is a major industrial city around 25 kilometers north of capital city Dhaka. Gazipur district consists of 6 upazilas. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Gazipur district shares borders with Dhaka district and Narayanganj district to the SOUTH side, Dhaka district and Tangail district to the WEST side, Kishoreganj district and Narsingdi district to the EAST side, and Kishoreganj district and Mymensingh district to the NORTH side. Gazipur district consists of 6 Upazilas, 4 Municipalities (Pourashava), 44 Union Parishad and 1146 Village.

List of Upazilas in Gazipur district
গাজীপুর জেলার উপজেলা সমূহ :

Some useful information of Gazipur District:
District: Gazipur
Gazipur district Established in:
Division: Dhaka division
Area : 1770.54 Sq. Km.
Total Land : Hector
Population (2001) : 21,43,411 (Male: 11,18,171, Female: 10,25,240)
Density: 1124 per Sq. Km.
Number of voters: 18,99,038 (Male Voter: 9,53,131 Female Voter: 9,45,907)
Village: 1146
Union Parishad: 44
Municipality (Pourashava) in Gazipur District: 4 (Gazipur Pourashava (Gazipur Municipality), Shripur Pourashava (Shripur Municipality), Gazipur;
Tongi Pourashava (Tongi Municipality), Gazipur; Kaliakior Pourashava (Kaliakior Municipality), Gazipur.
Literacy rate: 56.40%
Primary School: 527 (Government Primary School and Non-government Primary School)
High School: 255 (Government High School and Non-government High school)
College: 30 (Government College and Non-government College)
Madrasah: 179
Homoeo Medical College: 1

Private Medical College: 2
University: 5 (National University, Open University, Islamic University of Technology,
Textile Engineering College:
Primary Teachers Training College: 1
Govt. Web Portal:
Gazipur District, Gazipur City Corporation (GCC)
Medical College and Hospital: 2
Upazila Health Complex: 5
Clinic : 185
Mosque (Mosjid) : 3500
Police Training Center:
Medical Training Center:
Hat / Bazar : 191
Cinema Hall : 7
Cyclone Center : 6
Numbers of constituency: 5 (A.K.M. Mozammel Huq, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Gazipur-1 (Constituency 194); Md. Zahid Ahsan Russel, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Gazipur-2 (Constituency 195); Alhaz Advocate Md. Rahamat Ali, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Gazipur-3 (Constituency 196);
Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Gazipur-4 (Constituency 197); Meher Afroze chumki, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Gazipur-5 (Constituency 198).
Upazila (Thana) : 6 (Gazipur Sadar Upazila, Kapasia Upazila, Tongi town(Upazila), Sripur Upazila, Kaliganj Upazila, Kaliakior Upazila)
Postal code : 1700 (Gazipur Sadar main post code: 1700, B.R.R post code: 1701, Chandna post code: 1702, B.O.F post code: 1703,
National University post code: 1704, Monnunagar post code: 1710, Nishat Nagar post code: 1711, Ershad Nagar post code: 1712,
Kaliganj post code: 1720, Pubail post code: 1721, Santanpara post code: 1722, Vaoal Jamalpur post code: 1723,
kapashia post code: 1730, Sreepur post code: 1740, Rajendrapur post code: 1741, Rajendrapur Canttome post code: 1742, Barmi post code: 1743,
Satkhamair post code: 1744, Kawraid post code: 1745, Bashamur post code: 1747, Boubi post code: 1748, Kaliakior post code: 1750, Safipur post code: 1751)

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