Mymensingh District
ময়মনসিংহ জেলা

Mymensingh is a district of Bangladesh. Road distance from Dhaka city to Mymensingh district is 193 Kilometres. Mymensingh district is a part of the Dhaka Division. Mymensingh district is bounded by Gazipur district in SOUTH side, Garo Hills and Indian State of Meghalaya in NORTH side, Kishoreganj district and Netrokona district in EAST side and Jamalpur district, Tangail district and Sherpur district in the WEST side. Mymensingh district consists of 12 Upazilas, 10 municipalities (Pourashava), 146 Union Parishads and 2709 villages.

List of upazilas in Mymensingh district
ময়মনসিংহ জেলার উপজেলা সমূহ :

Some useful information of Mymensingh District:
District: Mymensingh
Division: Dhaka division
Area : 4363.48 Sq. Km.
Total Land Area: 4,36,348 Hectares
Total Cultivable Land: 7,90,292 Hectares
Population(according to census of 2001) : 44,89,726 (Male: 22,97,302 ; Female: 26,92,424)
Density: 1200 per Sq. Km.
Number of Voters: 29,16,711 (Male Voter: 14,42,698 ; Female Voter: 14,74,013)
Literacy rate: 39.10%
Villages: 2709
Union Parishads: 146
Municipality in Mymensingh District: 10 (Mymensingh Pourashava (Mymensingh Municipality); Muktagacha Pourashava (Muktagacha Municipality), Mymensingh;
Gouripur Pourashava (Gouripur Municipality), Mymensingh; Ishwarganj Pourashava (Ishwarganj Municipality), Mymensingh;
Trisal Pourashava (Trisal Municipality), Mymensingh; Gafargaon Pourashava (Gafargaon Municipality), Mymensingh;
Falbaria Pourashava (Falbaria Municipality), Mymensingh; Fulpur Pourashava (Fulpur Municipality), Mymensingh;
Valuka Pourashava (Valoka Municipality), Mymensingh; Nandail Pourashava (Nandail Municipality), Mymensingh

Primary school: 2689 (Govt. Primary school: 1249; Non-Govt. Registered Primary school: 621, Kinder Garden School: 126)
High School: 404 (Govt. and Non-Government High Schools)
Government College: 5 (Govt. Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh Sadar Upazila,
Mymensingh; Govt. Muminunnisa Mohila College, Mymensingh Sadar, Mymensingh;
Shahid smriti Govt. College, Muktagachha Upazila, Mymensingh;
Gafargaon Govt. College, Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh; Gouripur Govt.College, Gouripur Upazila, Mymensingh)
Govt. University College: 2
Public University: 2
Medical College: 2
Cadet College: 1
Homeopathic College: 1
Engineering College: 1
Vocational College: 1, vocational Institute: 2
College of Physical Education: 1
Dakhil Madrasah: 295
Alim Madrasah: 42
Kalim Madrasah: 4
Medical College Hospital: 2 (Govt. 1, Private: 1),

Combined Military Hospital(CMH): 1 (141 bed facilities)
Chest Disease Clinic 1
Upazila Health Complex: 11
Family Welfare Center: 86
Other Hospital (Health Sub Center: 43, Community Clinic: 412 (Running 354), Private Clinic: 72, Missionary hospital: 1, Ambulance: 16(Running 9)
Upazila Land Office: 12
Poura/Union Parishad Land office: 144
Other institutions(govt/private): Primary Teaches Training Institute 1, Higher Secondary Teacher's Training Institute 1, Teachers Training College 2,
National Institute of Primary Education 1, Veterinary Training Institute 1, schedule commercial bank 80,
dakbanglow/rest house: 19, Food godown 18, Fire service station: 5, Museum: 2, Stadium: 3, Play Ground 118, Cinema Hall: 32, Park: 3
Religious Institution: (Mosque 10, Temple: 415, Church: 79)
River: 22 (Brahmaputra River, Ramkhali River, Boilari River, Nitai River, Kangsha River, Sutia River, Khiru River, Sachalia River, Pagaria River, Nageshwar River, Kachamatia River, Jolburunga River, Chouka Moranadi River, Rangsa River, Aimon River, Banar River, Narsunda River, Ghughutia River, Satarkhali River, Akalia River)
Hat / Bazaar : 571
Digital telephone exchange: 12 (Telephone code: Mymensingh Sadar 091, Muktagacha 09028, Haluaghat 09026, Nandail 09029, Fulpur 09033, Fulbaria 09023, Valuka 09022, Ishwarganj 09027, Gafargaon 09025, Gouripur 09024, Trishal 09032, Dhobaora 09034)

Numbers of constituency: 11 (Promode Mankin, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-1 (Constituency 146);
Hayatur Rahman Khan, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-2 (Constituency 147);
Dr. Capt. Mujibur Rahman Fakir (Retd.), Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-3 (Constituency 148);
Md. Matior Rahman, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-4 (Constituency 149);
K.M. Khalid, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-5 (Constituency 150);
Md. Moslem Uddin, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-6 (Constituency 151);
Reza Ali, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-7 (Constituency 152);
Md. Abdus Sattar, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-8 (Constituency 153);
Major General Abdus Salam, reds, psc(Retd.), Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-9 (Constituency 154);
Ghyas Uddin Ahmed, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-10 (Constituency 155);
Prof. Dr. M. Amanullah, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Mymensingh-11 (Constituency 156)
Government Web Portal: Mymensingh District

Historical places: Rajbaris of Muktagacha and Gouripur, Kella Tajpur, Shashi Lodge, Durgabari, Alexander castle.
Orchid Garden at Fulbaria Upazila, the tourist spots are crocodile farm at Valuka Upazila

Upazila (Thana) : 12 (Mymensingh Sadar Upazila, Muktagachha Upazila, Bhaluka Upazila, Haluaghat Upazila, Gauripur Upazila, Dhobaura Upazila, Fulbaria Upazila, Gaffargaon Upazila, Trishal Upazila, Phulpur Upazila, Nandail Upazila, Ishwarganj Upazila)
Post office: 298 (Mymensingh Sadar Upazila 2200-2205, Muktagacha 2210, Valuka 2240, Ishwarganj 2280-2282, Gafargaon 2230-2234, Gouripur 2270-2271, Haluaghat 2260-2262, Trishal 2220-2223, Nandail 2290-2291, Fulbaria 2216)
Postal code : 2200 (Mymensingh Sadar post code: 2200, Kawatkhali post code: 2201, Agriculture University post code: 2202,
Shombhuganj post code: 2203, Biddyaganj post code: 2204, Pearpur post code: 2205, Muktagachha post code: 2210,
Trishal post code: 2220, Ahmadbad post code: 2221, Ram Amritaganj post code: 2222, Dhala post code: 2223,
Gaforgaon post code: 2230, Shibganj post code: 2231, Usti post code: 2232, Kandipara post code: 2233, Duttarbazar post code: 2234,
Phulpur post code: 2250, Beltia post code: 2251, Tarakanda post code: 2252, Haluaghat post code: 2260, Dhara post code: 2261,
Munshirhat post code: 2262, Gouripur post code: 2270, Ramgopalpur post code: 2271, Ishwarganj post code: 2280, Sohagi post code: 2282)

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