Netrakona District

Netrakona is a district of Bangladesh and it is a part of the Dhaka Division. Netrakona district consists of 10 Upazilas, 5 municipalities (Pourashava), 86 Union Parishads and 2999 villages.

List of upazilas in Netrakona district

Some useful information of Netrakona District:
District: Netrakona
Established in : 1st February, 1984
Division: Dhaka division
Area : 2810 Sq. Km.
Cultivable Area: 51,331.00
Fallow Land: 66065.69
Population (2001) : 19,71,240 (Male: ; Female: )
Density: 700 per Sq. Km.
Literacy rate: %
Villages: 2299
Union Parishads: 86
Number of Voters: (Male Voter: , Female Voter: )
Primary school: 630
Non-government Primary School: 463
Junior High Schools: 59

High School: 187 (Govt. and Non-Government High Schools)
Madrasah: 310 (Dakhil and Senior Madrasa)
College: 27 (Govt. and Registered/Private)
General Hospital: 10
Union Health & Family Planning Center: 62
Community Clinic: 244
Primary Teacher's Training Center: 1
Hat / Bazar :
Numbers of constituency: 5 (Mustaque Ahmed Ruhi, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Netrakona-1 (Constituency 157); Md. Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Netrakona-2 (Constituency 158); Monjur Kader Quraishi, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Netrakona-3 (Constituency 159); Rebecca Momin, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Netrakona-4 (Constituency 160); Waresat Hussain Belal, Bir Protik, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Netrakona-5 (Constituency 161).

Municipality in Netrakona District: 5 (Netrakona Pourashava (Netrakona Municipality), Kendua Pourashava (Kendua Municipality), Netrakona;
Durgapur Pourashava (Durgapur Municipality), Netrakona; Mohangonj Pourashava (Mohangonj Municipality), Netrakona; Modon Pourashava (Modon Municipality), Netrakona.

Web Portal: Netrakona District
Upazila (Thana) : 10 (Netrakona Sadar Upazila, Kendua Upazila, Mohangonj Upazila, Khaliajuri Upazila, Purbodhola Upazila, Atpara Upazila, Modon Upazila, Kolmkakanda Upazila, Barhatta Upazila, Durgapur Upazila)

Postal code : 2400 (Netrakona Sadar post code: 2400, Baikherhati post code: 2401, Purbadhola post code: 2410,
Shamgonj post code: 2411, Jaria Jhanjhail post code: 2412, Dhobaura post code: 2416, Sakoai post code: 2417, Susnng Durgapur post code: 2420,
Kalmakanda post code: 2430, Barhatta post code: 2440, Mohanganj post code: 2446, Dharampasha post code: 2450, Moddoynagar post code: 2456, Khaliajhri post code: 2460,
Shaldigha post code: 2462, Atpara post code: 2470, Madan post code: 2490).

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