Pabna District
(পাবনা জেলা)

Pabna is a district of Bangladesh. Road distance from Dhaka city to Pabna district is 161 Kilometres. Pabna is a part of the Rajshahi Division. Pabna district is bounded by Rajbari, Kushtia, Natore, Sirajganj and Manikganj district. Pabna district consists of 9 Upazilas (Pabna Sadar Upazila, Santhia Upazila, Bera Upazila, Sujanagar Upazila, Atgharia Upazila, Bhangura Upazila, Faridpur Upazila, Chatmohar Upazila, Ishwardi Upazila), 9 Municipalities (Pourashava), 73 Union Parishad and 1549 Village.

List of upazilas in Pabna district
(পাবনা জেলার উপজেলা সমূহঃ)

Some useful information of Pabna District:
District: Pabna
Pabna district Established in: 1832
Division: Rajshahi division
Area : 2371.50 Sq. Km.
Total Cultivable Land : Hectors
Population : 22,60,540 (Approximately)
Density: per Sq. Km.
Number of voters:
Number of Village: 1549
Number of Union Parishad: 73 (Union Parishad details of Pabna district: )
Literacy rate: 60.10%
University: 1
Science and Technology University: 1 Pabna University of Science and Technology
Textile Institute: 1
Police Training Center:
Medical College: 1 (Pabna Medical College)
College: 48
Govt. College: 4 (Govt. Edward College, Pabna; Pabna Govt. Women's College, Pabna; Ishwardi Govt. College, Pabna; Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College, Pabna)
Non-government college: 44

Textile Engineering College: 1 :: Pabna Textile Engineering College
Homeopathic College: 1
Technical School and College:
High School: 202
Govt. High School: 3
Non-govt. High School: 199
Junior High School: 49
Primary Schools: 1086
Government Primary Schools: 664
Registered Primary Schools: 422
Madrasha: 129
Polytechnic Institute:
Vocational Institute:
Bank :
Municipality(Pourashava) in Pabna District: 9 : Pabna Pourashava (Pabna Municipality); Bera Pourashava (Bera Municipality); Faridpur Pourashava (Faridpur Municipality); Chatmohar Pourashava (Chatmohar Municipality); Bhangura Pourashava (Bhangura Municipality); Sujanagar Pourashava (Sujanagar Municipality); Ishwardi Pourashava (Ishwardi Municipality); Santhia Pourashava (Santhia Municipality).
Web Portal: Pabna District
General Hospital: 4
TB Hospital: 1
Upazila Health Complex: 9

Upazila Land Office: 9
Union Land Office: 58
Municipality Land Office: 8
Health Center:
Major Crops: Paddy(Rice), Jute(The golden fibre of Bangladesh), Onion, wheat, oil seeds, sugarcane, Garlic and various types of pulses etc.
Major Fruits: Mango(Aam), Jackfruit(Kathal), Banana, guava, papaya(Pepe), Coconut(Narkel), Litchi(Lichu), Lemon(Lebu), Watermelon(Tormuj) etc.
Cinema Hall :
Major Rivers: Ichamati river, Gumani river etc.
Diabetic Hospital: 1
Stadium: 3
Public Library: 3
Hat / Bazar : 182
Newspaper: 7
Non-government Organization (NGO) : 51 (BRAC, ASA, Care, Karitas, Proshika, Samata, ITCL etc.
Mosque (Mosjid) : 2112
Temple (Mandir) : 345
Cyclone Center : 10
River port: 3
Air port: 1 (Pabna Airport)
Ideal Village: 23
Tourist Place in Pabna: Pabna Mental Hospital, Hemayetpur, Pabna; Kaliko Cotton Mills; Shahi Mosque, North Bengal Paper Mills, Lalon Shah Bridge, Pabna Sugar Mills, Ishwardi Airport, Agriculture Firm, Notakhola ghat, Square Pharmaceuticals

Numbers of constituency: 5 (Md. Shamsul Hoque Tuku, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Pabna-1, (Constituency 68); Abdul Karim Khandakar, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Pabna-2, (Constituency 69); Md. Mokbul Hossain, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Pabna-3, (Constituency 70); Shamsur Rahman Sherif, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Pabna-4, (Constituency 71), Golam Faruk Khandakar Prince, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Pabna-5, (Constituency 72).

Number of Upazila : 9 (Pabna Sadar Upazila, Santhia Upazila, Bera Upazila, Sujanagar Upazila, Atgharia Upazila, Bhangura Upazila, Faridpur Upazila, Chatmohar Upazila, Ishwardi Upazila)

No. of Post office: 145
Postal code : Pabna Sadar post code: 6600, Kaliko Cotton Mills post code: 6601, Hamayetpur post code: 6602, Debottar post code: 6610, Ishwardi post code: 6620, Dhapari post code: 6621, Pakshi post code: 6622, Rajapur post code: 6623, Chatmohar post code: 6630, Bhangura post code: 6640, Banwarinagar post code: 6650, Sujanagar post code: 6660, Sagarkandi post code: 6661, Sathia post code: 6670, Bera post code: 6680, Nakalia post code: 6681, Kashinathpur post code: 6682, Puran Bharenga post code: 6683

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