Narail District
(নড়াইল জেলা)

Narail is a district of Bangladesh. Narail is a part of the Khulna Division. Narail district is bounded by Jessore, Magura, Khulna, Gopalganj and Faridpur district. Narail district consists of 3 Upazilas (Narail Sadar Upazila, Lohagara Upazila, Kalia Upazila), 3 Municipalities (Pourashava), 39 Union Parishad and 694 Village.

List of upazilas in Narail district
(নড়াইল জেলার উপজেলাসমূহ)

Some useful information of Narail District:
District: Narail
Narail district Established in: 1984
Division: Khulna division
Area : 990.23 Sq. Km.
Total Cultivable Land : Hectors
Population : (Approximately)
Density: per Sq. Km.
Number of voters:
Number of Village: 694
Number of Union Parishad: 39 (Union Parishad details of Narail district: )
Literacy rate: %
Textile Institute:
Police Training Center:
Medical College:
Medical Assistant Training School:
Govt. College: 2 (Narail Govt. Victoria College, Narail Govt. Mohila College).
Non-government college: Shaheed Abdus Salam Degree College, Nabaganga Degree College, Amada Adrasaha College, Mulia Public College, Gobra Mitra College, Mirzapur United College, Dakhin Narail Shimulia College, Gobra Women's College, Naragati College, S.M.A Ahad College, Abdul Hye City College, Narail.

Textile Engineering College:
Homoeopathic College:
Technical School and College:
High School:
Govt. High School:
Non-govt. High School:
Junior High School:
Primary Schools:
Government Primary Schools:
Registered Primary Schools:
Polytechnic Institute:
Vocational Institute:
Bank :
Municipality(Pourashava) in Narail District: 3 : Narail Pourashava (Narail Municipality).
Web Portal: Narail District
General Hospital:
Govt. Hospital:
Non-govt. Hospital:
Eye Hospital:
Upazila Health Complex:
TB Clinic:
Police Hospital:

Upazila Land Office:
Union Land Office: 37
Municipality Land Office:
Rail Station:
Major Crops: Paddy(Rice), Jute(The golden fibre of Bangladesh), Onion, potato, wheat, Green Chilli(moris), sugarcane, Garlic and various types of pulses etc.
Major Fruits: Mango(Aam), Jackfruit(Kathal), Banana, guava, papaya(Pepe), Coconut(Narkel), Litchi(Lichu), Lemon(Lebu), Watermelon(Tormuj), bel, date, tetul etc.
Cinema Hall :
Major Rivers: Madhumati river, Nabaganga river, Bhairab river, Chitra river and Kajla river etc.
Diabetic Hospital:
Spinning Mill:
Public Library:
Hat / Bazar :
Non-government Organization (NGO) : (Asha, Brac, Proshika, Care, grameen bank, NDP, Kendra, SDS, JKS etc.
Mosque (Mosjid) : 1675
Temple (Mandir) : 248
Cyclone Center :
Homeopathic College:
River port:
Ideal Village:
Tourist Place in Narail: Narail Victoria College area, Collegiate School, Shib Shankar Memorial Girls' School area. Sultan Complex, Nur Mohammad Sheikh Memorial Library.

Numbers of constituency: 2 (name, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Narail-1, (Constituency 93); name, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Narail-2, (Constituency 94).

Number of Upazila : 3 (Narail Sadar Upazila, Lohagara Upazila, Kalia Upazila)

Telephone Exchange:
No. of Post office:
Postal code : Narail Sadar post code: 7500, Ratanganj post code: 7501, Laxmipasha post code: 7510, Lohagora post code: 7511, Naldi postal code: 7513, Kalia postal code: 7520, Mohajan postal code: 7521.

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