Bagerhat District
(বাগেরহাট জেলা)

Bagerhat is a district of Bangladesh. Bagerhat is a part of the Khulna Division. Bagerhat district is bounded by Khulna, Narail, Gopalganj, Bay of Bengal, Barguna and Pirojpur district. Bagerhat district consists of 09 Upazilas (Bagerhat Sadar Upazila, Mongla Upazila, Chitalmari Upazila, Mollahat Upazila, Sarankhola Upazila, Rampal Upazila, Fakirhat Upazila, Morrelganj Upazila, Kachua Upazila), 3 Municipalities (Pourashava), 75 Union Parishad and 1047 Village.

List of upazilas in Bagerhat district
(বাগেরহাট জেলার উপজেলা সমূহঃ)

Some useful information of Bagerhat District:
District: Bagerhat
Bagerhat district Established in: 1984
Division: Khulna division
Area : 5882.18 Sq. Km.
Total Cultivable Land : 1,56,388 Hectors
Population : 14,76,090 (Approximately)
Density: per Sq. Km.
Number of voters:
Number of Village: 1047
Number of Union Parishad: 75 (Union Parishad details of Bagerhat district: )
Literacy rate: 65%
Textile Institute:
Police Training Center:
Medical College:
Medical Assistant Training School:
College: 33
Govt. College: 2 (Govt. P.C College, Bagerhat Govt. Women College)
Non-government college: 31 (Khan Jahan Ali College, Kachua Degree College, Shera Bangla College, Mongla College, Belayet Hossain Degree College, Digraj Degree College, Rampal College, Fakirhat Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women Degree College, A R Khan College, Bagerhat)

Textile Training Institute: 1
Law College: 1
Homoeopathic College: 1
Medical Assistant Training School: 1
Technical College: 1, Technical Training Center: 4
High School: 282
Govt. High School: 5
Non-govt. High School: 277
Junior High School:
Primary Schools:
Government Primary Schools: 602
Registered Primary Schools: 488
Madrasha: 245
Polytechnic Institute:
Vocational Training Institute (VTI): 1
PTI: 1
Bank :
Municipality(Pourashava) in Bagerhat District: 3 : Bagerhat Pourashava (Bagerhat Municipality), Monglaport Pourashava (Monglaport Municipality), Morrelganj Pourashava (Morrelganj Municipality).
Web Portal: Bagerhat District
Sadar Hospital: 1
Govt. Hospital: 11
Non-govt. Hospital:
Eye Hospital:
Upazila Health Complex:
Union Family Planning Center: 62
TB Clinic:
Police Hospital:

Upazila Land Office: 9
Union Land Office: 40
Municipality Land Office:
Rail Station:
Major Crops: Paddy(Rice), Jute(The golden fibre of Bangladesh), potato, Onion, wheat, Green Chilli(moris), sugarcane, watermelon, betel-nut, Garlic and various types of pulses and vegetables etc.
Major Fruits: Mango(Aam), Jackfruit(Kathal), Banana, guava, papaya(Pepe), Coconut(Narkel), Litchi(Lichu), Lemon(Lebu), Watermelon(Tormuj), bel, date, tetul etc.
Cinema Hall :
Major Rivers:
Diabetic Hospital:
Spinning Mill:
Public Library:
Hat / Bazar : 160
Industry: Cement Factory 4, small industry etc.
Non-government Organization (NGO) : (Asha, Brac, Proshika, Care, grameen bank, NDP, Kendra, SDS, JKS etc.
Mosque (Mosjid) : 2514
Temple (Mandir) : 694
Cyclone Center :
Homoeopathic College:
Sea port: Mongla sea port
EPZ: Mongla Export Processing Zone
Ideal Village:
Tourist Place in Bagerhat: Sixty Dome Mosque, Mongla sea port, Khan Jahan Ali?s tomb and Dighi(pond), Sundarban etc.

Numbers of constituency: 4 (Sheikh Helal Uddin, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bagerhat-1, (Constituency 95); Advocate Mir Showkat Ali Badsha, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bagerhat-2, (Constituency 96); Habibun Nahar, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bagerhat-3, (Constituency 97); Alhaj Dr. Mozammel Hossain, Honorable Member of Parliament(MP), Bagerhat-4, (Constituency 98).

Number of Upazila : 9 (Bagerhat Sadar Upazila, Mongla Upazila, Chitalmari Upazila, Mollahat Upazila, Sarankhola Upazila, Rampal Upazila, Fakirhat Upazila, Morrelganj Upazila, Kachua Upazila)

Telephone Exchange:
No. of Post office:
Postal code : Bagerhat Sadar post code: 9300, P.C College post code: 9301, Rangdia post code: 9302, Kachua post code: 9310, Sonarkola post code: 9311, Morelganj post code: 9320, Sannasi Bazar post code: 9321, Telisatee post code: 9322, Rayenda post code: 9330, Rampal post code: 9340, Foylahat post code: 9341, Sonatunia post code: 9342, Gourambha post code: 9343, Chalna Ankorage post code: 9350, Mongla Port post code: 9351, Chitalmari post code: 9360, Barabaria post code: 9361, Fakirhat post code: 9370, Mansa post code: 9371, Bhanganpar Bazar post code: 9372, Mollahat post code: 9380, Kahalpur post code: 9381, Dariala post code: 9382, Charkulia post code: 9383, Nagarkandi post code: 9384, Pak Gangni post code: 9385

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