Comilla District
কুমিল্লা জেলা

Comilla is a district of Bangladesh and it is under Chittagong division. Cumilla District shares borders with Noakhali & Feni districts on the SOUTH side, Brahmanbaria(B.Baria) and Narayanganj districts on the NORTH side, Munshiganj & Chandpur districts on the WEST side and Tripura area of India on the EAST side. Comilla district consists of 1 City Corporation, 16 Upazilas, 8 municipalities (Pourashava), 184 Union Parishads and 3,687 Villages.

List of upazilas in Comilla district
কুমিল্লা জেলার উপজেলা সমূহ :

Some useful information of Comilla District:
District: Comilla
Division: Chittagong division
Area : 3,085.17 Sq. Km.
Population (2011) : 53,04,000 (Male: 23,10,940 , Female: 22,80,400)
Density : 1700 per Sq. Km.
Literacy rate: 62%
Comilla City Corporation Founded on 10th July, 2011
Cumilla City Corporation ::: Cumilla City Corporation
, Mayor: Arfanul Haque Rifat
Village : 3,687
Union Parishad: 184
Union Land Office: 172
University: 1 (Cumilla University)
College : 90
Cadet College: 1 (Comilla Cadet College)
Govt. Medical College: 1
Private Medical College: 2
High School: 518

Govt. Primary School:1333
Reg. Primary School: 449
Unreg. Primary School: 10
Community Primary School: 202
KG School: 337
Ananda School: 476
Hat / Bazar : 555
Modern Hospital 500 (bed): 1
Modern Hospital 100 (bed): 1
Police Hospital: 1
Jail Hospital: 1
Combined Military Hospital(CMH): 1
Upazila Health & Family Planning Complex: 11
TB Clinic: 1
School Health Clinic: 1
Union Family Planning Center: 123
River Port: 1
River: Meghna River, Titas River, Gomoti River, Kakri River, Dakatia River
Cantonment: 1 (Mainamati, Comilla)
BGB sector Head Quarter: 1 (Kotbari, Comilla)
Central Jail: 1
Municipality in Comilla District: Laksham Pourashava (Laksham Municipality ), Comilla; Daudkandi Pourashava (Daudkandi Municipality), Comilla; Chandina Pourashava (Chandina Municipality), Comilla; Debidar Pourashava (Debidar Municipality), Comilla; Nangalcort Pourashava (Nangalcort Municipality), Comilla; Homna Pourashava (Homna Municipality), Comilla; Barora Pourashava (Barora Municipality), Comilla; Chowddagram Pourashava (Chowddagram Municipality), Comilla.
Government Web Portal: Comilla District
Upazila (Thana) : 16 (Comilla Sadar South Upazila, Comilla Adarsa Sadar Upazila, Barura Upazila, Chandina Upazila, Chauddagram Upazila, Daudkandi Upazila, Brahmanpara Upazila, Homna Upazila)
Postal code : 3500 (Comilla Sadar post code: 3500, Comilla Contoment Post code: 3501, Halimanagar Post code: 3502, Courtbari Post Code: 3503,
Suaganj Post Code: 3504, Chandia Post Code: 3510, Madhaiabazar Post Code: 3511, Daudkandi Post Code: 3516,
Gouripur post code: 3517, Dashpara post code: 3518, Eliotganj post code: 3519 etc.)

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